Online Visibility
How Important is Online Visibility for Business

Let’s put it this way – online visibility for your business is not only important, in fact it is everything. In the modern digital environment where smart phone and Internet enabled devices usage has increased exponentially, more and more people are searching for goods and services online before coming to a purchase decision. Hence if your business website is not on the top of results pages of major search engines and does not have a strong online presence and visibility you will be missing out on business opportunities.

The crucial thing to remember is that there has been a radical transformation in the world of business. It is not actually businesses that have changed; it’s more of how your clients find out about you. In the good old days, you opened a regular brick and mortar store, did some adverting and you were in business. Not anymore! Today’s buyers are a more discerning lot and would like to compare products and services offered by many providers before making a purchase. Hence your business has to be in their line of vision when they go online to find what they need. In the present business scenario, helping them to find you quickly is half the battle won for you, convincing them that what you offer is the best is not that difficult!

Since online searchers generally find your business website on results pages of search engines, there is a mistaken notion that it is only the visibility of the site that matters. In fact, an overall strong online presence includes apart from the website, your blogs and articles, social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Participating in online forums and groups and your interviews on webinars and teleconferences too carry a lot of weight. The primary point is to make people aware of your business and open as many avenues as possible to get in touch with you. For example, if you have a beauty salon and spa and have recently installed a plasma treatment machine for skin rejuvenation, the quickest way to spread the message is by carrying out a highly optimised online digital marketing campaign of your salon and spa.

What also makes matters convenient for you is that increasing online presence is comparatively cheaper than traditional forms of advertising with a wider reach amongst existing and potential customers. Hence, the ROI on market spend is high and you get more value for your money.

One of the reasons why online visibility is so important is that it is possible to reach out to a huge captive audience quickly and effectively. There are approximately 2.4 billion people using the Internet with almost 1.68 billion browsing various sites every day. Just imagine, this is the range of your potential customers and convincing even a minuscule fraction to opt for your products and services can result in an immense boost for your business.

Another advantage of a strong online presence is increasing brand awareness. Generally, businesses do not put up billboards or place ads just to promote a specific product, it is also to spread the message of the brand. Similarly is the case with online presence. By improving it, you create a niche for your product that will be instantly recalled by customers when they are searching for such items or services. For example, you sell aesthetic devices and have a upcoming IPL machine for sale in Australia, it would be easier to spread the message across online. You do not have to repeatedly print brochures or place ads or advertise on billboards to stay in the memory of people, your business will popup and come to their notice whenever they search for things related to your industry. Name and logo “recall” is crucial for any business.

Businesses have undergone a sea change in their operating methods over the last couple of decades, becoming more competitive and aggressive in their functioning. To stay in the race, it is therefore essential to have a very strong online presence and visibility.