Smartphone Technology
Smartphone Technology and its Usages

Advanced smart phone technology has come of age only from about a decade ago and is considered to be a relatively new phenomenon. But look how it has been a game changer in the modern world, so much so that it is almost impossible to think of a world without this small Internet enabled device in the palm of the hand. It has changed the way that our personal lives function, how business is conducted and has replaced most devices and appliances that were even some time back considered to be absolutely indispensable. The list on how smart phones can be used to our advantage is growing longer by the day and as technologies take on cutting edge dimensions, the net of smart phone usage is set to be cast further and wider.

Here are some of the most common attributes of smart phone usage.

  • Increased communications and connectivity – Old world cell phones were a means of wireless communication too but that was limited primarily to calling and sending text messages. The horizon has broadened greatly with the advent of smart phones. You can now use it as a business tool for sending emails, video calls with clients and video conferencing with staff in all corners of the globe. On the personal front, you can update your status on Facebook and stay connected with friends and family through multiple communication channels regardless of their location.
  • Tracking home and office security – In the past, CCTV cameras were connected through wires to the recorder as was alarm and video surveillance systems. Today, they are all connected to the Wi-Fi and the recordings and the premises can be monitored remotely from a smart phone. Suppose for example, you install home security alarm systems in Melbourne if you are a resident of the city. You lock your home and proceed with family for a vacation. In case your home is broken into during this period and the cameras are triggered because of any movement, a notification will sent to your smart phone of the current situation through relevant apps. You can then log into your cameras and monitor the situation first hand and call law enforcing agencies. Your home is therefore as safe as it can be. For more information in this regard, visit
  • One device for all – Remember the devices that you had to carry around with you for your daily activities? You would need a cell phone, an e-book reader, a camera and a GPS tracker. You would also take your laptop and be tied to your table if you needed to check emails, scan invoices, check the state of your accounts and operational data. Now all these have been rolled into one device, the ubiquitous smart phone in your pocket. You do not need any other device once you have a smart phone with all the necessary apps downloaded onto it. Most importantly, the features of a high end smart phone are extremely good with miniaturised hardware that packs a punch with fast processors. Touch screen features have also taken out the issue of thumping on keys whenever messages and emails have to be sent.
  • Limitless apps – Any smart phone literally can have limitless applications due to the sensors and the programmability of the device. Apart from games and music, you can even have health and fitness apps that track the distance you have run and the calories that you have burnt. This is in addition to monitoring your current heart and pulse rates. Other handy tools that are combined into smart phones are compass, levelling apps and flashlight. So far as creativity is concerned, you have apps that let you draw and paint as well as create your own brand of music.

What else do you need when you have a smart phone with cutting edge advanced technology in your hands?